TribCast: Dropping Out, Kimmel and the Private Sector - Ross, Emily, Reeve and Jay evaluate candidates’ decisions to remain or not to remain in their runoff races, review Gov. Rick Perry’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and discuss Texas politicians’ current and future private sector jobs.

TribCast: Lite Gov Debate and Decriminalizing Marijuana - Emily, Reeve, Ben and Ross review the debate between the Republican lieutenant governor candidates, Gov. Rick Perry’s support for decriminalizing marijuana, and the Wendy Davis campaign’s latest response to critics of her biography.

TribCast: Abbott’s Ethics Proposals, Double Down and UT - Reeve, Brandi, Evan and Ross talk about the latest policy proposals from gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, revelations in the recently released book Double Down, and the latest drama involving the University of Texas at Austin. You can also listen here:

Sarah Palin at rally for Ted Cruz

Sarah Palin speaks during a campaign rally for Republican primary Senate candidate Ted Cruz in The Woodlands, Texas Friday July 27, 2012.
Photos by Michael Stravato
Story by Aman Batheja

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Perry. Parodied on SNL. Ouch.


Perry. Parodied on SNL. Ouch.

The GOP Bubble


Nate Silver plots the GOP presidential field:

I’ve sometimes taken a visual approach toward the Republican field, where the positions of the candidates are plotted out based on whether they are perceived to be conservatives or moderates, and insiders (establishment candidates) or outsiders (insurgent candidates). If we drew a chart like that right now, removing candidates who seem unlikely to run or who are unlikely to have much influence even if they do, it might look something like this: