TribCast: Fundraising, Speaker’s Race and Life Support - Emily, Reeve, Ross and Evan discuss the latest campaign fundraising totals, state Rep. Scott Turner’s plan to challenge Speaker Joe Straus, and the complicated case of a pregnant woman on life support in Fort Worth.

TribCast: Elections, Polling Numbers and Abortion Laws - Reeve, Ross, Ben and Emily review the results of the recent election, ponder the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll, and discuss the latest developments in the state’s implementation of new abortion laws. You can also listen here:

TribCast: Filibuster Fallout and Exciting Future Plans - Reeve, Ben, Evan and Ross discuss the fallout from last week’s filibuster by state Sen. Wendy Davis, the Voting Rights Act, the effort to impeach a university regent and Gov. Rick Perry’s coming announcement of “exciting future plans.” | Texas Tribune

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The New TribCast is Here!

KUT hosted this week’s podcast in its brand new studios at the Belo Center for New Media.

Ross, Reeve, Emily and Ben talk about the latest in abortion-related politics, the battle to build a medical school in the Rio Grande Valley, and what Texans can look forward to at the upcoming national political conventions.

Abortion Pills in Mexico

McALLEN — In this Roman Catholic stronghold, where abortion is deeply stigmatized, reproductive health providers tell stories of women going to pharmacies across the border in Mexico, in search of a drug they hope will terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Story by Thanh Tan

Photos by Reynaldo Leal

Summer Vacation for Young Pro-Lifers

A two-week summer camp outside of Bryan helps high school students learn how to become effective anti-abortion advocates. Counselors teach campers to adopt a gentler, compassion-based form of persuasion. “They all have a passion; that’s why they are here,” one counselor said.

Story by Morgan Smith

Photos by Ariel Min